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Skill Sprint Academy

Trainings in Hungary and worldwide (US, UK, Norway, Greece, Turkey being the most common, but also Sweden, Russia, Finland, Ireland and the Balkans). Happy trainees include, but absolutely not limited to Statoil Norway, Vodafone Greece, Tofas Turkey, GarantiBank Turkey, EPAM Systems Budapest, Acando Norway (eVoting), most Banks in Hungary, Lufthansa Systems, T-Mobile, General Electric, European Commission, evosoft, GE Digital.

Consultancy and Support
Expert Services

We have experts from almost all the fields in enterprise software. Our architects and specialist could help find the most appropriate solutions for the projects.

We also provide support for runtime systems from classic appservers to Spring Boot to serverless solutions, to help developer and maintenance teams with their daily work.

Custom Software
Design and Development

We have industry experience in the Java/Enterprise world. We use the standard JavaEE stack or Spring, OSGi based modular solutions, ESB and SOA using Oracle or Fuse products, cloud based solutions , NoSQL such as Mongo or Cassandra, ForgeRock IAM, newer JVM languages as Scala...

Based on our experience we can provide the most appropriate solution to every problem and every client.

About us

Significant Events

  • iso 9001:2015 logo


    ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • 2019

    Mojaloop - Mifos Integration

    DPC working together with Mojaloop to achive integration with Mifos (Apache Fineract).
    Mojaloop | Mifos

  • 2018

    Instant Payment TCK

    DPC starts licensing its Instant Payments Technology Compatibility Kit. On-site or cloud deployment.

  • Apache Fineract Partner

    DPC becomes Apache Fineract Partner, creating additional modules, implementing loan management. #agile product development. #banking #fintech

  • Cloud Engineering

    DPC Consulting provides expertese in Amazon Cloud Engineering, APIs, Services, Infrastructure as Code.

  • Java Academy

    DPC Consulting designed and successfully delivered the first installment of GE Healthcare Java Academy, an 8-week learning and coding bootcamp aimed at junior Java developers. The program combines traditional classroom training, hands-on exercises and team projects, uses high quality bespoke training material, and employs a fine-grained testing and evaluation process.

  • 2016

    Helping our customer integrating with the SWIFT Alliance Access Integration Platform

    DPC in Fintech: designing and developing a next generation gateway to integrate legacy banking systems.

    DPC engineers becoming certified ForgeRock Access Management (OpenAM) experts

  • 2015

    Providing architectural consultancy and training to FÖMI (Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing)

    Joining the startup world: developing for Esiemi Labs (USA, Singapore)

    Designing and implementing custom notification system for UPC Hungary (Liberty Global)

    Developing ForgeRock (R) Access Management Customization and Development training material

  • 2014

    DPC Architect on assignment at our telco client: integrating with Oracle Service Bus

    Providing consultants to DWP Software Kft.

    Developing and delivering over 10 weeks of Java training to one of the biggest software development companies in Hungary (via Training 360)

  • 2013

    Developing Intelligent Data Entry for DBS Bank, Singapore

  • 2012

    Partnering with Kaazing Corporation, USA, to develop the IFF (Instant Film Feedback™) for the Palo Alto International Film Festival

    Participating in the MÁV-FOR project for the Hungarian State Railway as software designers and developers

  • 2011

    DPC develops XForms-based electronic registration form system for DBS Bank, Singapore

    JavaOne Conference presentation: Clusters in the Cloud: Scaling Application Servers Using Cloud Services

    Providing 24/7 support (OID, WebLogic, Identity and Access Management) to UPC Hungary (Liberty Global)

    Becoming ForgeRock A.S. training partner, teaches in EMEA; DPC develops OpenAM training material

  • 2010

    JavaOne Conference presentation: SOA at Enterprise Scale: Solving Real Challenges with GlassFish ESB

    Providing training resources through our Oracle Approved Education Centre (OAEC), Oracle Gold Partner

  • 2009

    Providing a Senior Consultant (via Deloitte) to specify an international bank data warehousing strategy, helping the organization to direct a multi-country, multi-instance warehousing strategy. The total investment is planned to be 20 million dollar in the first year

  • 2008

    Working as architects for General Electric Money Bank (USA Headquarters) to establish GlassfishESB and SOA concepts in GE Money.

    Creating PoCs with GlassfishESB to demonstrate the tool capabilities to satisfy GE Money requirements. Implementing GlobalOrigination with GlassfishESB and provide Vision+ services through web services.

  • 2007

    Actively participating in the development of open source projects (GlassfishESB, OpenIDM, etc) by contributing code, testing components; presenting at JavaOne 2009, San Francisco)

  • 2004

    Working for various clients, many in financial and telecom domains as architects, consultants. Hot topics include implementing Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture, Java performance tuning, scalable systems, and identity management.

  • 2002

    DPC becoming Approved Sun Microsystems Education Centre (ASEC) covering the full Java curriculum and Java Enterprise System trainings. The events are held in Hungary and the EMEA region.

  • 2000

    Providing trainers to Oracle for the Java, SOA and Application Server courses in Hungary and the EMEA region.

Presentations and Appearances

We are regular speakers at conferences and community events.
We appear in the papers.
You can also check out our
slideshare profile.

Nyílt megoldások banki környezetben is

Molnár István

Microservices and modularity
with java

by Márton Elek, 2015

Scaling on AWS with
Beanstalk, Lambda,

by Kristóf Józsa, 2018

Old Features of Java:
minek örültünk a 20 év során

by Géza Simon, 2015

Server in Your clients

by István Szmozsánszky, 2015

Full stack security
(OAuth2, OpenID Connect)

by Péter Varga, 2015

Java 9 + Project Jigsaw modularization in the JDK9

by Márton Elek, 2015

Két Java fejlesztő
első Scala-s projektje

by Szilárd Szabó, 2015

Docker + Java
an introduction

by Márton Elek, 2015

OSGi as Enterprise Integration Pattern

by Márton Elek, 2014

Power Tools in Java (video)
(SPI, Agents, Ann. processors)

by Márton Elek, 2014

Garbage First GC

by Peter Varga, 2012

Our Team

Fusion of minds

Our employees have most of the Java and Middleware Certifications, we work in English on a daily basis, some German/Dutch/Spanish. Some are primarily trainers, others usually work as architects, developers or consultants. We do like traveling to places and we're also used to work remotely. Here are some of the most senior people at DPC:

István Molnár


Ferenc Martin


Géza Simon


Tibor Fóris

senior developer, instructor

Soma Sörös

senior software engineer

Péter Sánta

analyst, consultant

Ildikó Bolyós


Open positions at DPC

Trainer, instructor

Teach the world

The ideal candidate speaks perfect English. Has that hard to learn ability of teaching, explaining, speaking. Also loves teaching, explaining, speaking. Thinks fast, reads faster, doesn't mind (love) presenting to an audience. Can keep up attention even over Zoom, but willing to travel too.

  • 3+ years teaching in IT
  • software developer
  • identity and access management skills are a plus
  • Java, Spring, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React are a plus
  • DevOps, Cloud, Docker, Skaffold, Kustomize, Terraform are en even bigger plus

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